Annie's Meadow

Now renting 2 & 3 Bedroom Energy Efficient Duplexes in the Sullivan area, with All-Inclusive monthly rental rates.  If you are looking for a wondeful place to live call now at 573.468.2460.   Click here for additional pictures of these duplexes. 
Liberty Hill

Now renting 2, 3 & 4 Bedroom Energy Efficient Duplexes in the Sullivan area with All-Inclusive monthly rental rates.  If you are looking for a wondeful place to live call now at 573.468.2460.   Click here for additional pictures of these duplexes. 
Let Us Manage Your Properties and Give You Freedom
Thank you for considering Trusted Property Management to manage your property. Our company is registered with the State of Missouri and we are licensed Real Estate salespersons and Broker specializing in property management. Briefly, we do the following: When a property that we oversee is empty, we feature it in ads in the local paper and on our internet website (which is linked to most local on-line venues), list our office phone number, website, and email address, screen preliminary inquiries, supply rental applications, and determine suitable tenants based on information provided, online screening, and experience. We then go over, point-by-point, the various items in our lease agreement (although a month-to-month lease, it is designed to protect your investment and income), collect the initial security deposit (which is placed in escrow) and the monthly rent. We also ensure that the utilities are in the proper name, and collect subsequent month's rents. In addition, we are "on-call" from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM, seven days-a-week for emergencies.

We have a plumber, electrician and handyman to take care of problems that arise. We remain in contact with or, if necessary, evict tenants who do not pay their rent or otherwise violate their rental agreement. In addition, we advise owners if rents should be adjusted between tenants, based on prevailing rents on similar units in Sullivan.

In addition, we provide extended basic cable television (Channels 2-73, a $85.00 value at our cost).  Any other charges (newspaper, materials, labor, etc.) would be charged at the rate the repair person charges and is in addition to our fee. We pay for all repairs by check when we receive a bill for services rendered. We oversee all repair work done, we take care of problems and we expect--and collect--the rents owed, according to contract. Each month we issue the property owner a check for rents collected, minus our fee and repair/advertising expenses. We keep all information on your property (rents collected, fees, repairs, advertising, etc.) on our computer, and give you a print-out each month. This print-out shows monthly and year-to-date income and expenses. The year-end statement, in December, can be used for your yearly tax reporting.

Our Property Management Agreement with the owners for whom we manage allows for cancellation by either party with a 60-day notice. References are available upon request. If you need any other information, just ask. We hope we can be of service to you!

Tony Wessler
Trusted Property Management, LLC

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